Kraft Heinz

In 2015, I worked on two projects for the Kraft Heinz Company – Maxwell House and Renee’s.

For Maxwell House, I was given the PSD files for the website and told to slice them and then put into Twitter Bootstrap for the website.

For Renee’s, I was told that all pages were to be re-coded for the website. I made the decision to use “special characters” for the French pages to ensure that browser rendering of diacritics and ligatures would stay constant across all current and future browsers.

Both projects were to be coded in English and French and placed within the Sitecore 7.1 system that KraftCanada and were being ported to.

Mushroom Peppercorn Renée’s Gourmet - Kraft Canada Produits Renée’s Gourmet- Kraft Canada Trempettes Renée’s Gourmet- Kraft Canada MH_KRAFT_0000_Home_1 Mobile_MaxwellHouse_Home